Date Entered: PKC News

PKC Court Usage Rules:

1.  Members are limited to 5 bookings per week (Sunday to Saturday); or 5 bookings in total on the court scheduler. Bookings include: member court bookings, leagues and programs.

2. PKC does not allow 4 hours of continuous booked play at any one time.

3. At 6 pm the night before your play time, if you do not have all 4 players entered, your booking will be automatically cancelled. If you want to play with fewer than 4 players, please re-book after 6 pm the night before your play time.

4. Same day bookings are not counted as any of the 5 booking limit.

5. PKC is a members only club. Please play on Public Courts if all members of your group are not members.


Questions about league play?  Contact

Questions re membership within the club?  Contact

Questions or comments not covered off by the above? Contact


Club Squeegees, brooms, leaf blowers, lawn chairs are in the silver box with the doors at the end of the box and are always available to club members. 

An AED and Emergency First Aid Kit is in the silver box with the side doors.

Leaf & Debris Blowers - We have two Toro battery operated leaf blowers. Press the green button and literally get blown away. Absolutely great for cleaning debris off the courts. If you move fast, you can get 5 courts done very quickly.

PLEASE DO NOT USE FOR DRYING THE COURTS as the battery will run out quickly. Instead, for drying the courts use either of the two gas powered blowers behind the other Silver Box Door. Towels pushed around with the squeegees are the best for drying the courts. Thank you.


Club Drop In & Play: Saturday & Sunday mornings. Please see Pickleball Court Booking Schedule for detail.

Public Court Time will be all Drop In & Play and will be using the White Tube Paddle Holder System. 

Please review all Signage provided by the City of Kelowna at the entrance to court #1 & court #7.

When there are players waiting, with their paddles in the White Tube Paddle Holder System, please follow the posted public court rules. When you come off the court re position your paddle on the White Tube Paddle Holder. Rather than having to move your paddle, use the "Next Up" ball indicator. 

Player mixing is always encouraged but not necessary.